About us


Mr. George Khairallah


Mr. George Khairallah, a talented craftsman, started his career as owner of a small shop located in downtown Beirut where he sold model electric trains, and radio controlled models. Gradually he started introducing many of the trains’ accessories to engineers to build their miniature houses and buildings. In 1960, a friend brought him a small aquarium as a gift, and asked him if he can import some aquarium accessories and tropical fish since there were no such products on the Lebanese market, and this is how the pet business began. In 1974, he visited the Nurnberg toy fair to meet his models suppliers, and there he saw the art materials that attracted his attention, so he started importing this line as well.


Mr. Michel Khairallah

Patrner & Executive Director


Attracted by his dad's business since early age, during summer vacation he started joining him to the shop. Later on, he took over the company and led it where it stands today.

Mr. Farid Khairallah

Partner & Public Relations


Ms. Milia Bkassini

Head of sales


Mrs. Daniela Rosu

Accounting & Finance


Mr. Aahed Endary



Introducing ourselves as an establishment launched in 1953 by the founder Mr. Georges M. Khairallah, and reformed into a family run company in 1986. We are located in Beirut, Lebanon and acting as importer and distributor of various lines of products. Our three major lines of business are: Pet supplies, Art paints & crafts, and Architectural model building material. Our imports are mainly from Europe, USA, Canada, China and Africa. We represent many reputable companies as their sole agent and distributor in Lebanon, as well as in the following countries: Jordan, Syria, and Iraq.