Ornitalia Product Service

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Ornitalia Product Service is an innovative an dynamic company with an extensive expertise in breeding of birds.  The  know-how looks back at more than 50 years passionate work on care taking of the finest species of birds.
An internal laboratory checks the purchased raw materials: relevant investments in the quality have recently lead the company to the ISO 9001:2008 certification (Bureau Veritas).

The most successful breeders in Europe support our company with their knowledge in feeding, as well as disease prevention.

Ornitalia’s main goal is to make the hobby easy and fun. This is possible only by pursuing a rational approach in the feeding system and a perfect balance in running the breeding.
For this purpose Ornitalia Product Service offers a wide range of dedicate products for all species of goldfinches, meeting breeders requirements.

Ornitalia Lab analyzes raw materials in use and end products. Thanks to a synergic cooperation with external qualified laboratories, we guarantee high quality end products and safeguard the  birds health.

Micro biological analysis are carried out on a daily basis in order to quantify microorganisms and exclude the presence of pathogens. Leveraging on this service, we are also able to carry on immune chromatographic tests to check that amount of aflatoxins is under the law standards.

Ornitalia’s best practice is sharing know-how and expertise proved by a long path of commitment in the birds care and breeding. Day-by-day we dedicate our time in providing our customers with advice and problem solving, via social media, direct mails and calls.

For details: www.ornitalia.com